• Resolution 2020-7-1R
    Last night the Batesville City Council voted to pass a resolution regarding the wearing of face mask (or face coverings) in Batesville. A copy of the resolution will be attached under Quick Links at the left of this page very soon. The resolution states that individuals are directed to use face coverings as recommended in the AR Department of Health guidelines. That reads as follows: The Arkansas Department of Health issued guidelines on June 19, 2020 recommending the general public should wear face coverings... where physical distancing is not assured. (Please see resolution paragraph 2 for full details). This resolution also gives businesses and other venues the freedom to mandate face coverings in their place of business (item #3) and gives the potential consequences for patrons who do not wish to comply with posted mandate. If you have further questions, you are welcome to call City Hall at 870-698-2400 or send your email concerns to